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Energy Release. Energy Release (ER) is the only oil additive that can be used in every lubricated system of your vehicle.


Energy Release. A 16 fl. oz. bottle of Energy Release treats your entire vehicle, based upon a 5 quart crankcase. Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner is a liquid chemical formula designed to be added to your existing oil to improve and protect moving metal parts. Energy Release is activated by heat and friction to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your engine. Energy Release Engine Treatement is not a typical oil additive. Energy Release significantly smoothes rough metal surfaces by modifying the first few microns of the surfaces. The metal Surfaces treated with Energy Release are resistant to abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion for year-round protection.

Muscle cars are a significant investment and they sit idle for long periods of time. Adding Energy Release helps prevent cold-start abrasion, oxidation, rust and corrosion for year-round protection. Adding Energy Engine Treatment to your engine helps eliminate oil related failures caused by lubrication breakdown. We recommend Energy Release to anyone who is serious about cutting engine repair costs.

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Differential

Energy Release Application Directions:

Engine/Crankcase: 2 oz. ER per quart (16:1) of oil initially; on subsequent applications 1 oz. per quart of oil.
Power Steering: 1 oz. ER per quart of oil.
Differentials: Up to 80wt. oil 2 oz. per quart. Over 80wt. oil 4 oz. per quart 
Transmissions: Automatic -1/2 oz. per quart of oil. Manual – 2 oz. per quart of oil.
Note: DO NOT use ER in posi-track or limited slip differentials.