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Machining & Tapping | Increase Tool Life & Produce A Better Product


Machine Shops and General Drilling, Tapping, Punching, or Threading are the Most Dramatic Uses of Energy Release.

Metal working fluids and cutting and tapping fluids used by machine shops and general drilling, tapping, punching or threading uses are truly some of the most dramatic uses of Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner. For example, in hand drilling, adding a few drops of ER to the bit as you begin will show a dramatic increase in the speed of drilling and a reduction in the temperature and wear of the drill bit.

Heat reduction alone can lengthen the useful life of drill bits and other cutting tools. Nearly all cutting tools, i.e., bits, mills, blades, lathe tools or hole saws will benefit from the use of ER. During these operations, the cutting tool is treated with ER and the effect on the machined surface produces a quality polished surface. Any secondary machine operation does not require special procedures.


  • Bits
  • Mills
  • Blades
  • Hole Saws
  • Lathe Tools
  • Tapping and Threading

Increase Tool Life & Produce A Better Product


Tool Life Can be Increased From 2 to 10 Times with ER

After years of use in various cutting fluid applications, it has proven time and again that tool life can be increased from 2 to 10 times with ER over what is normal under identical usages. This equates to savings for the shop of costly tools, labor to sharpen or replace tools and additionally, fewer broken tools during operations. Often, broken tools cause a production piece to be damaged beyond use. Many shops have found by using ER and changing their operation speed that they can use a less costly tool such as a carbon steel bit in lieu of carbide or cobalt to accomplish a task previously only accomplished with carbide.

Metal working machine shops, high-tech machines are the heart of the business because of their ability to produce close tolerance parts at a rapid pace. These machines use large reservoirs of cutting fluid or coolant in high volumes to keep the cutting tools cool and sharp. If the machine calls for oil, mixing of the ER is accomplished easily through the pumping action of the reservoir. Simply add a 32:1 ratio (1 oz. ER per quart of oil) and agitate.

Tip: Many shops pre-treat all of their tools weekly with ER by placing them in a steel pan, covering them with ER and baking them for at least 4 hours at 250 degrees F on a shop hot plate or by placing the pan in an oven. This significantly affects tool life and work quality. A recommended mixture of quality cutting oil and 12% Energy Release will result in a cleaner and a higher quality product. The metal conditioning technology of ER is very effective in treating high speed steel with cobalt end mills used for cutting operations in a milling machine.

CAUTION: One area where you should not use ER is in equipment which requires friction to operate, such as in some metal band saws. Also, use caution in applying ER on press fit and especially heated press fit applications as in wrist pins and value guides, as the part my work loose.

Note: Concentrated ER does not readily mix with water.