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Energy Release G-200 Synthetic Grease 5 Gallon Pail


Energy Release G-200 Synthetic Grease is a High-Temperature, High Pressure Synthetic Complex Formula low speed (under 1200 RPM) grease. Severe service requirements such as disc brake wheel bearings, fan hubs, back-hoe hinge pins, and oven conveyour bearings are examples of applications where Energy Release G-200 High-Temperature Grease should be used for excellent results. Mining operations, sand/gravel plants and construction equipment where shock loads are placed on bearings will benefit from the use of ER G-200. Energy Release Racing drivers report that G-200 significantly outperforms other greases for wheel bearings. Energy Release Products Perform, Protect and Extend the Life of Your Equipment. Available in Bulk Sizes. Great for severe applications such as: 

  • Wheel bearings
  • Spicer and Rockwell U-joints
  • Backhoe hinge pins
  • Fan hubs
  • Fifth wheels
  • Oven Conveyor Bearings
  • Mining and construction equipment