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Energy Release - Tested and Proven Since 1985


Energy Release Antifriction Metal Conditioner Protects and Extends the Lifespan of Your Race Car Components.

Energy Release Racing Products reduce friction, lower operating temperatures, increase RPM, torque and horsepower and extend component life. These benefits are noticeable and are documented by many world-class racers that have used Energy Release Engine Treatment since 1985. Energy Release Metal Conditioner protects every lubricated component of your race vehicles including crankshaft, camshaft and gears, bearings, connecting rods, cylinder walls, wrist pins, chain case, suspension shafts, gearboxes, transmission, and more.

Energy Release Racing Applications

Engine / Crankcase: 2 oz. ER per quart of oil initially (16:1). 1 oz. ER per quart of oil (32:1) on subsequent oil changes.

Spline Ball Drive Shaft: We recommend using ER G-200 High Temperature Synthetic Grease – P006

Power Steering: (32:1) 1 oz. ER per quart of oil.

Differentials: Up to 80wt. Oil: (16:1) 2 oz. ER per quart of oil. Over 80wt. Oil: (8:1) 4 oz. ER per quart of oil.

Transmissions: Automatic – (64:1) ½ oz. ER per quart of oil. Manual: (16:1) 2 oz. ER per quart of oil.

Note: DO NOT use ER in posi-track or limited slip differentials with metal clutch discs on axle drive gears because they require metal-to-metal friction to function.

Two-Cycle Oil Injection Systems: Do not add ER directly to oil tank. Mix thoroughly (vigorously) ½ oz. ER per quart of two-cycle motor oil at room temperature, then add to oil tank. ER will stay suspended in the oil.

Pre-Mix in Two-Cycle Engines: Add ER to two-cycle oil first at room temperature. Mix thoroughly (vigorously), then mix in gas. ER will stay suspended in the oil/gas. Refer to two-cycle chart in technical section for mixing ratios.

Four-Cycle Engines: Add 2 oz. ER per quart of motor oil (16:1).

Chains: We recommend using Energy Release Gear & Chain CLEAR grease. It’s Clear grease in an aerosol that sprays on thin to penetrate the pins and links then tacks up in seconds for superior adherence.

Chain Case: Add 2 oz. ER to existing chain case fluid. Do not overfill. The metal filings that normally collect on the dipstick magnet in the chain case will decrease dramatically. For example, with a 10 ounce chain case capacity, use 8 ounces of recommended fluid and 2 ounces ER.

Gearboxes: Add 2 oz. ER per quart of oil up to 80wt. (16:1). Add 4 oz. ER per quart of oil over 80wt. (8:1).

Bearings: We recommend using Energy Release G-100 High Speed Lithium Grease. You may also inject two or three drops of ER through the seal, using a syringe or sharp needle point greaser to assure a clean hole, then seal with silicone. Bearings will run cooler, smoother and last longer with ER.

Suspension Shafts & Steering: Use Energy Release G-100 Lithium High Speed Grease.

Wet Clutches: One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Can ER be used with wet clutches like the clutch in a motorcycle?” Yes. ER treats only ferrous metals; therefore, it does not negatively affect the fiber materials in wet clutches. In fact, many users report better clutch performance with ER

Q. Can I use ER in my brand new engine?

A. Yes. However, we recommend breaking-in your new engine as suggested by the engine builder, then add ER to oil.